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China Electric Tools Exhibition 2016

Number of visits: Date:2016-07-23 17:23

& nbsp; 2016 the 11th Shanghai international building steel structure building and steel exhibition by 2016 the 11th China (Shanghai) international construction steel construction steel exhibition held in the same period, the 8th Shanghai International prefabricated housing, integrated residential, light steel structure villa Expo will last review: annual & ldquo; Asian green building first exhibition & rdquo; -“ the Eleventh International Green Building Materials Expo & rdquo; at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held. As the core of the project “ the tenth Shanghai International Exhibition building steel and construction steel ” shine in this exhibition, the industry renowned enterprises - New Zealand Fulanke, Bosq, German KME, MasterCard, Butler, Shanghai, Huning steel Upbest, Bao Steel Group, Shanghai platinum group, Southeast grid, Hung Road Group, Shanghai Midland, Gang Zhijie, Xiamen, dawn construction, Laiwu Steel, Zhejiang Putian, Oriental shepherd Cheng steel nearly 50 industry manufacturers in a large area of the display area of the latest products, in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the perfect interpretation of the industrial technology of the green residential, new construction steel top technology and the domestic application status and development prospects of the current development of the industry's key problem. Professional exhibition area of nearly 10000 square meters, a total audience of 27883 people (including 1936 professional overseas visitors) participated in the industry feast. Authoritative industry focus of the exhibition is by the China Council for the promotion of international trade of Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, the World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Co Construction Industry Branch of the integrated building committee, the Architectural Society of China wood structure Professional Committee, jointly organized by the Japan forest industry in the Province, Canada Wood Association, Shanghai Metal Structure Association at home and abroad many authorities vigorously support society for the of the. In the last exhibition site, by the China Council for the promotion of international trade will be construction industry branch of the Integrated Construction Commission Joint Australian Victorian Architect Association jointly organized the & ldquo; integrated construction and China Australia Cooperation Development Forum & rdquo; packed, many delegates said do not empty the, benefit bandit is shallow. New opportunities for the development of: building steel structure because of its unique structure, compared with the reinforced concrete structure, steel structure building has advantages of light weight, easy installation, short construction period, good shock resistance, less environmental pollution, recycling etc., widely used in high-rise buildings, factories, gymnasiums, airport, offshore platform. Especially in recent years, with the & ldquo; Water Cube & rdquo;, & ldquo; bird's Nest & rdquo; and the National Grand Theater, CCTV new station address a large number of attracting the attention of the world construction steel structure of the main body of the project, increasingly highlight steel structure building low carbon green features, will lead the & ldquo; to create a green city life & rdquo; the construction direction. And construction steel is to protect one of the important material for the structure of the quality and safety of construction engineering, within the next five years, China will face the 45 million square meters of new residential demand, how to home buyers who provide a more green safe home environment? This is a new challenge for the entire real estate industry and even the whole country. Shanghai is in China and even in Asia international financial and economic center, international trade atmosphere, especially in recent years, Shanghai to & ldquo; era of technological innovation to boost the construction engineering project construction & rdquo; as building materials industry development the commanding heights, keep pace with the times and continues to meet the section to saving, water saving and land saving and environment friendly. In the next few years, Shanghai International Tourism Resort and Hongqiao International Business District, Shanghai Disney amusement park are in full swing, which requires a large number of new energy-saving building materials used in, especially in the country & ldquo; Twelfth Five Year Plan & rdquo; during the the Shanghai and other city, all to build the concept of green low carbon public buildings, business center will have mushroomed erected. This is a great opportunity for the rapid development of new energy-saving building materials and building materials. In July 2016, we will, as always, in Shanghai New International Expo Center waiting for your visit! Exhibition list of exhibition time: July 2016 5 - 7 day exhibition location: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (Longyang Road No. 2345) scale of the exhibition: 150000 square meters organizer: Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Branch of architectural steel concurrent activities: low carbon building green building materials and real estate business salon content: salon activities rich in content and has professional model and society in the promotion of double effect, introduction to steel enterprise engineering department has built the classic projects, participate in the manufacturer can interactive discussion with the real estate business and technical experts. It will be a discussion of high-end building materials and the real estate market coordinated development of a high level of integrated salon. The meeting aimed at depth discussion on the current status of the steel estate market, future trends and hot market, policy opportunities, investment environment. Participants and the number of objects: real estate developers, construction design units, construction designers and related supporting building materials production enterprises, each participating enterprises to send 1-2 representatives, the overall activities of the salon about 300 people. Display content & middot; heavy steel structure, light steel structure & middot; space truss membrane structure (including grid, shell structure, the membrane material) & middot; new residential housing technology, wall insulation system, energy saving and environmental protection building products & middot; steel, steel pipe, stainless steel production and processing industry, aluminum profile industry and plastic products & middot; fire proofing steel anti-corrosion coating, and the waterproof, resistance to.

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